Kabuda Project

As part of our mission, TSI seeks the transformation of society by engaging issues at the intersection of religion and society within the academy and at the grassroots level. We seek to engage at the community level both in urban and rural settings in all spheres of life ranging from interfaith and inter-communal harmony to poverty alleviation. The Coronavirus (COVID0-19) has hugely impacted livelihoods of low-income earners across the world and Ghana is no exception. In Ghana, the conditions imposed by COVID-19 has exacerbated poverty levels in rural parts of northern Ghana to near desperate levels where the breadwinners are mostly female daily wage-earners. As a response The Sanneh Institute has, thanks to the generosity of a Ghanaian Christian lady, launched the KABUDA pilot project to help with poverty alleviation in the northeastern part of Ghana with particular focus on rural women folks.

The name Kabuda is from the Kusaal language spoken in that part of Ghana. Kabuda is specially selected, treated and preserved seeds after harvest for the sole purpose of planting the next season. Kabuda is meant for planting, not for consumption and is to convey the idea that the small loans which will be given to predominantly but not exclusively women at a negligible interest rate, is meant for investment and not for spending. A management committee made of persons with knowledge of the culture and the local economy, will receive, carefully process applications, and offer advice to beneficiaries on viable small scale ventures. Applications will be considered purely on the basis of individual circumstances irrespective of religious affiliation and the process governed by a set of carefully crafted guidelines for managing the fund. Like the parable of the mustard seed in the Bible (Matthew 13:31-32), it is hoped that the small loans will have transformative impacts on the lives of vulnerable families.

Donations are sought from individuals, religious and civil organizations (local and international), to make this a sustainable project.

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