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Principles and Expectations of TSI Travel Seminars

“Practice without thought is blind; thought without practice is empty”, Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana

TSI Summer Study takes Kwame Nkrumah’s words to heart as we hope to embark on a learning experience that partners both critical thought and practical engagement. With the remarkable resources available through TSI, participants can expect to leave this trip with a better understanding of Ghana’s rich cultural heritage as well as extensive experience recognizing the interconnectedness of religion, culture, and history and the way this shapes Ghanaian society and impacts people’s lived experiences.

In order to ensure participants can enjoy the trip to the fullest, we ask that all agree to the following principles of TSI Travel Seminars.

Principles of The Sanneh Institute Travel Seminars:

  1. Nnipa, mpɔtam ne amamere ho nsɛnnahɔ ho nidi. Respect for other people, the environment, and cultural history
  2. Adwenemnnahɔ ne ntease nkitahodi. Open-mindedness and open conversation
  3. Nkabom dwumadi ne mpɔtam. Teamwork and community

These three principles are important guideposts for our collective travel experience. We want everyone to be able to learn alongside each other with great care and respect. TSI is committed to upholding these principles and working with all to ensure that the experience is a success!