TSI visits alleged witch camps with ActionAid Ghana and members of parliament

In our bid to criminalize witchcraft accusations and witch hunting in Ghana, TSI together with ActionAid Ghana, members of parliament, a legal team and journalists visited 3 of 6 alleged witch camps, 27th to 29th May 2022.

The group visited the Gnani, Kpatinga and Gambaga camps to interact with the persecuted women as well as the leaders of the camps (tindanaas) with the aim of better understanding what these vulnerable women go through and what needs to change to ensure the safety and welfare of the accused. These vulnerable women after being accused, stigmatized and cast out from their families and communities, are further subjected to emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse and exploitation in the camps. 

As part of the campaign to #LetOurMothersGoHome and to end witchcraft accusations, TSI has been reintegrating the victims back into society. Since TSI’s last visit to the Kpatinga camp, the number of women has reduced from 22 to 18. Many want and pray to be reintegrated. We call on you, the general public, to consider donating for these poor women to have their lives back. Kindly send your donations to +233(0) 59 467 1638, or call +233(0) 55 058 4489.