Opportunities for Research Fellows

As a research institute, TSI is offering opportunities for formal affiliation to post-docs for the purpose of research. This is an opportunity offered to faculty members to undertake research projects while continuing with their work at their various universities and departments. Successful applicants will be formally identified on TSI website and official publications as a “Research Fellow” (RF).  As a private independent research institute, TSI generates all its funding through projects. Research Fellows are invited to generate research ideas and help design project proposals around their ideas. The ideas should fall within the broad mission and research interest of TSI, i.e. issues at the intersection of religion and society, topics in the area of inter-religious engagement/dialogue, Christian-Muslim relations/dialogue, Christianity and Islam in Africa, religion and gender questions etc. RFs will also search for potential funding sources for their projects. TSI will work with RFs in shaping the proposal and in sourcing for funding. Compensation for the RF’s time will be captured in the budget for the project with formal engagement after a proposal is approved for funding. Such an engagement will be on contract for the period of the project with possible extension depending on project opportunities.   


  • Doctoral degree (PhD) in theology, missions, religions, intercultural studies, or relevant field of study.
  • Interest in post-doctoral level research with a good grasp of advance research methods.
  • Must have interest in African society and religious realities.
  • Should have recent publications in academic journals and monographs.

Process for Engagement 

  • Send a letter of inquiry to the Executive Director of The Sanneh Institute indicating the research topic/area of interest along with CV and sample publication.
  • Invitation from TSI to develop a three page “Concept Note” setting out the relevance and prospects of the topic/idea. Should include potential funding sources.
  • Once a potential funder is identified, applicants will be invited to prepare a formal “Letter of Inquiry” (LOI) for submission to the funding source.
  • If invited by the funding source, TSI will work with applicants to prepare a full project proposal for submission.
  • If proposal is approved for funding, TSI hires RF and other supporting staff on contract for the project.

For further enquiries, contact Dr. Matthew Krabill, Academic Programs Coordinator of TSI @ krabillm@tsinet.org