Online Graduate Course

TSI’s latest Online Graduate Course titled “Islam and Muslims through Christian Eyes ran from September 16 to December 9.

The course studied the various Christian approaches to Islam and Muslims. Islam emerged seven hundred years after Christianity which hitherto claimed the status of the final revelation. Unsure of what to make of Islam and its claims to revelation, Christians adopted different approaches to Islam and devised different ways of engaging with Muslims. This course explored these different approaches and ways from the perspective of the Bible and Christian traditions, the welcome of Muslims as vulnerable refugees in Abyssinia, encounters with the Prophet of Islam, embrace of Muslims as liberators in Coptic Egypt, as targets of evangelism over the centuries; the view of Islam as coming from the “same niche”, as a Christian heresy, as the anti-Christ, as a more advanced civilization in Western Europe, as a military and political threat, and as a valid path of salvation and a worthy partner for collaborations. Within the African context we looked at colonialist, missionary and leading African Christian responses.

We look forward to rolling out a continuation of the course, “Christianity and Christians through Muslim Eyes” soon.

In waiting for the next course, please read below the details and expectations of the Online Graduate Course.

Course Format:

This is a one semester, 3-Credit Hour ONLINE COURSE with all course materials, outlines and assignments hosted on CANVAS. Lectures are entirely conducted via zoom in a weekly two-hourly session with 10mins break in-between over a 12-week period. Lessons are scheduled for Fridays from 2.00pm – 4.00pm GMT. There are assigned readings for each lesson which are posted on the Canvas learning platform and participants are required to review these in advance for each session. Guest lecturers are invited to teach some lessons. The sessions are generally conducted in lecture style and group discussions employing such media as power point presentation, YouTube clips etc. Assignments consist of short review essays, discussion forums, and a final paper all to be submitted via Canvas. This course is set up as a graduate level course but can be taken by undergraduates for academic credit which includes submitting all the assignments for grading or audited which does not require assignments. 

Course Requirement:

Participants can take the course for credit or audit the course. To receive academic credit, participants MUST complete all the assignments and all required components of the course. Auditors are not required to complete the assignments but can receive a TSI certificate of participation if they attend all the sessions, actively participate in class, and demonstrate engagement of the assigned texts. To successfully complete this course, participants must: 

  • Attend all class sessions. Missing two class sessions will attract grade points deductions and missing more than two sessions will amount to automatic failure.
  • Complete all assigned readings and assignments
  • Participate substantively and meaningfully in class and online discussions
  • Complete all assignments and meet the criteria identified for each assignment.
  • Complete and submit all work by the published deadlines. 

For any further detail or clarity, kindly contact us through,