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Building Fund

Donate in support of a building (two floors) on land donated by the University of Ghana to house the life time collection of the Late Prof. Sanneh’s library and The Sanneh Institute at the heart of the campus of the University of Ghana.

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Seminars & Workshops

Donate in support of our seminars and workshops for university students, young scholars, religious leaders, and professional groups. These are for capacity building in areas of advanced research, academic programs design, and collaborative (interreligious and interdisciplinary) research projects.

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Donate in support of our effort at garnering indigenous knowledge through the translation of manuscripts from Arabic and other African languages produced by Africans into English and French and the publication of very good dissertations sitting on library shelves across West Africa. First project is translation of some of Prof. Sanneh’s works from English into French

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Undergraduate programs

Donate in support of our work at building capacity in academic literary and writing skills among the University of Ghana undergraduate community. This will include support for a volunteer who will serve as liaison for the program and facilitator as trainer of trainers in academic writing skills.

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