Christian-Muslim Scripture Sharing (CMSS)

Two former students of TSI’s Online Graduate courses, one Imam and one female Christian theological student, participated in an interfaith program at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies (CMCS) in Oxford, UK. Upon their return, and inspired by the classes they took with TSI and the program at CMCS, the two initiated the Christian-Muslim Scripture Sharing (CMSS) series. The series aims to foster joint studies of our respective scriptures by focusing on common narratives in the Bible and the Qur’an.

With support from TRT, TSI is sponsoring the program, which takes place every quarter. The first session was held in February 2023 based on the creation narratives in both sacred texts. The second session took place in May 2023 and brought in a much higher number of participants, which is a testament to increasing interest. This time, the theme was “Noah: Sin and Judgement”. There were opening lectures on the theme from the Christian and Muslim perspectives, followed by engaging discussions.

On August 31, the theme for the 3rd session which saw an increase in female Muslim participation was “The Law: Moses, Jesus and Muhammed”. The last session for 2023 was crowned with meaningful discussions and perspectives on “Jesus: Son of Mary” on November 30.

TSI plans to build on this initiative towards a program of Cross-Cultural Religious Literacy in Ghana and West Africa.