The Sanneh Collection


Engaging the Mosque, the Church, and the Academy in West Africa for Transformation of Society

The Sanneh Collection

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“Let Our Mothers Go Home” Petition

In July 2020, Ghanaians were shocked by the depraved lynching of a 90-year old woman accused of witchcraft in the Savana Region.

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Who we are

A scholarly community dedicated to the equipping and resourcing of religious leaders, scholars, academic institutions and wider African society through advanced inquiry. Deeply rooted in our traditions, we seek to inspire intellectual curiosity in the religious and non-religious other by fulfilling our commitment through research, translation work, publications, education, and engagement.

Our Vision Statement

Offering scholarship as a tribute to God, with the religious and non-religious other within hearing distance, for the transformation of society.

Our Work


The primary focus of The Sanneh Institute is research. It will investigate issues at the intersection of religion and society in Africa and disseminate fresh insights.

The Sanneh Collection

The institute will house a research based, specialized reference library and online resources for the advanced study of Islam and Christianity.


The institute will launch an online, peer-reviewed Journal of Islamic and Christian Thought in Africa (JICTA).

Seminar & Workshop

The institute will convene seminars and workshops for various constituencies: academics, religious leaders, members of civil society, and professional groups.

Academic Conferences

The institute will host regional and international academic conferences to provide African Muslim and Christian scholars opportunities for scholarly exchange.


As part of its commitment to garnering indigenous knowledge, the institute will commission English and French translations of manuscripts in Arabic and other local languages.

Undergraduate Program

The Sanneh Institute(TSI) will foster a sustained relationship with undergraduate program and community at the University of Ghana, Legon as well as facilitate and host study abroad programs.